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Why we don't prioritise self-care

We know self-care is important. We know the benefits of looking after our wellbeing are immense. Yet most of us aren’t very good at prioritising it.

If you’re like most, you’ve probably spent time setting goals, working out the best self-care activities for you, committing to new habits and routines. And yet you still might struggle to stick to it. Ever wondered why?

A huge factor is due to our thoughts. Are thoughts often drive our behaviours, or we let them drive our behaviours without realising it. This is a common cycle that occurs for us, where our thoughts impact our behaviours through our feelings.

If we only address behaviours and keep setting new goals, without address our thoughts, our thoughts will keep taking us off our path.

Common thoughts that stop people doing self-care:

“I don’t have time for this”
“Self-care is selfish”
“I need to look after everyone else first”
“It is important, but is not as important as [insert other important tasks like work/caring]”.
“I’m too tired, burnt out, or can't be bothered”
“It’s not going to help anyway”.

What are your unhelpful thoughts about self-care? Have you addressed them?

Our upcoming workshop helps you start to think about self-care in a more helpful way so that you do prioritise it and do make time for it. Using evidence-based strategies proven to improve behaviour change, you walk away with new beliefs about self-care likely to help you engage in the behaviours you’re most wanting to make time for.

Self-Care Prioritised Workshop + Yoga:

When: Sunday 18 September 2022

Time: 3pm-5:30pm

Where: Yoga Farm 3217, Mt Duneed

Facilitators: Dr Fiona Lynch (clinical psychologist) and Anna Rimmer (yin yoga instructor).

Receive: 1.5 hours self-care workshop + 1 hour yin yoga. Attendees receive proven strategies to prioritise self-care, a workbook to individualise your self-care plan, free access to upcoming online self-care course for lifetime of the course, an afternoon with 10 like-minded individuals.

Not available for the in person workshop? Upcoming online course on prioritising self-care coming soon. Attendees of the in-person workshop will receive access to the online course for FREE* for the lifetime of the course.

*T&Cs apply, see website for details.

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