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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this website intended for?


Inner Sage information is intended for people who want to connect with living the life that is important to them, by engaging in self-care including balancing work-life responsibilities and looking after themselves. It is not a psychology treatment or therapy and is not designed for people with significant mental health concerns. If you have significant anxiety, depression, distress or other mental health concerns, we recommend that you speak to a health professional such as your GP or psychologist before commencing any of our programs or information.

Is this therapy?


This website and associated social media pages provide education and information only. They are not psychological assessment, treatment or therapy and we always recommend you discuss any information with your own healthcare provider before you make changes. We strongly believe in the importance of having therapy, and encourage you to seek this through your GP.

Can I have 1:1 sessions?

We love that Inner Sage gives so many people access to information before they even need to see a psychologist. But individual psychology appointments are crucial to manage any mental health concerns. At Inner Sage we do not provide any individual treatment, and recommend that you seek a private psychologist through your GP for individual support. If you want to see Dr Fiona Lynch (clinical psychologist) directly, you can contact Women's Health Torquay where she consults.

Information for referring health professionals:


If you are a health professional and you would like to discuss if Inner Sage programs are suitable for your client, please contact us at and we can provide you with further information.

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