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It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.

– Brené Brown

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Inner Sage?

Sage (adjective): Wise and knowledgeable with good judgment, through reflection and experience.

At Inner Sage, we believe that you have your own internal wisdom to guide your actions, look after your wellbeing, and live the life that is most meaningful to you. This inner wisdom might be described as following your heart, listening to your gut, or living by your values. We believe that you can only listen to this inner wisdom if you are looking after your whole wellbeing (self-care). Our joy at Inner Sage is in guiding you in self-care so that you can connect with living the life that is most important to you, despite the demands of our busy world. We give you the information, tools, and resources that we think will help you connect with your sense of meaning, purpose, and calm. And with that, your actions, and your life become, sage.

Meet Fiona

Dr Fiona Lynch (she/her) is a Clinical Psychologist with a passion for supporting people to look after their whole wellbeing in order to the live by their values. Fiona is privileged to work alongside people with cancer, who remind her how important it is for us to live by our sense of meaning across our whole lives. Fiona knows the importance of self care first-hand from her own experience working in multiple busy hospital roles. Prioritising her self-care allows Fiona to find joy and calm outside of her busy jobs, and she's here to help you find the balance you desire. Fiona has taken this passion and knowledge to hospital staff by providing them with education on self-care to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Fiona is experienced in working in public mental health, oncology, private practice, and research settings. She enjoys supervising other psychologists in addition to her clinical and research roles. Fiona draws on values guided goal setting, relaxation training, self care planning, and compassion-focused approaches to inform your self-care supports.

Fiona is excited to bring to you her passion for self-care alongside her psychological knowledge so that you can live your life of meaning with the support of your own healthcare professionals.

Outside of Inner Sage and oncology, Fiona consults at Women's Health Torquay where she supports people with any challenges that arise in life including anxiety, depression or mood changes, adjustment, chronic illness, trauma, and OCD. Please contact the clinic directly regarding referrals.

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