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This download includes five individual mindfulness tracks guiding you through mindfulness on daily tasks, so that you can bring mindfulness into your daily life without adding an extra activity to your day. Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment.


These tracks are one of a kind, designed for busy people to listen to whilst you do your daily tasks at your usual pace. No need to set aside additional time for this one!  Simply press play on the track for the task you're doing, and cultivate mindfulness immediately.


Included tracks:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Mindful Walking - 9.5 minutes 
  3. Mindful Eating - 9 minutes
  4. Mindfulness of Washing Dishes - 7 minutes
  5. Mindful Laundry - 5.5 minutes
  6. Mindfulness of Brushing Teeth - 4.5 minutes (2 minutes of actual brushing teeth)


Mindfulness is suited to most people, but if you’re experiencing significant distress or mental health concerns at this time, I recommend you discuss this with your healthcare professional before commencing. This incudes if you have strong trauma symptoms or psychosis as this may not be suited to you. Otherwise, I hope these are a guide to ease you into mindfulness during your day.


Upon purchase, you will receive an email to download your tracks. This link is valid for only 30 days, so please ensure you download your tracks within 30 days.

Mindfulness for Busy Minds and Busy Lives

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